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Our Mission
Glade Holdings Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide our customers a superior environment to live, work and play by building, developing and adding
value to homes, communities, land and commercial properties. We accomplish this by adhering to balanced standards of value,
quality and profitablility. Our efforts provide us with extremely satisified customers, a prosperous livelihood for our employees,
suppliers and subcontractors, a consistent financial return for our investors, and a premier reputation as developers.

Our Vision
To be the Premier Real Estate Development and Investment Company in the Regions we work in.

Our Values
Customers - We listen to our customers and value them. We provide the customer with excellent product value, quality and
service throughout the organization.
People - Our success is built upon a network of high-performing people working together in a safe and healthy workplace
where diversity, development and teamwork are valued and recognized.
Accountability - We are committed to superior performance and are accountable for our actions and results.
Citizenship - We support the communities where we do business by holding ourselves to the highest standard of ethical
conduct, environmental responsibility and open communication with the public.
Financial Responsibility - We are prudent and effective in the use of the resources entrusted to us.

Our Guiding Principles
Glade Holdings is continually expanding the products, services and benefits offered to our customers. We welcome new ideas
from all areas, including customers, employees, management, investors and all other sources. Every new product, new initiative
or new direction passes the test of the guiding principles before it
is considered for implementation.

In all interactions we seek first to understand.

At Glade everyone's work is a journey of continuous improvement in which quality is a direct result of efficient and clear
communications and a mistake is looked at as an opportunity to grow, followed by corrective action. In our dealings we are fair
and responsive to our customers. We earn our customer's trust by how we act, communicate and behave.

We are committed to our employee's well being, recognizing their commitment, talent and hard work. From the start of recruiting
we establish beneficial long-term relationships with employees that helps retain exceptional people.We respect our investors
and treat them fairly and with timely responsiveness while providing them attractive returns and maintaining relationships based
on trust and confidence. All that we develop respects, protects and enhances the ecology, environment and the aesthetics of the
community. With pride we bring creative concepts and production development into markets ignored by other production
builders. We are known by our highly respected brand name. We are fully committed to excellence and efficiency through the integration of marketing, management and production. Prudent growth is carefully implemented by proper analysis and
understanding of market needs providing products that meet demand while staying within the ability of our available resources.
Profitability is the lifeblood of Glade Holdings. Whatever we do improves the financial health of our company.
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